Berlin After Rain: My Balcony View and Updates (Somewhat)

Strasse by Red Haircrow
Strasse by Red Haircrow

Life is so very busy these days, but also has a strange kind of formlessness. Still working on projects as ever, especially The Agony of Joy and the collaborative anthology/series with writer Cheryl Headford based on an androgyne people and world of my creation, The Children of Driy.

With my review site, as well as my studies in Psychology at university, I don’t have so much time to add to my blogs though I often begin posts or think of what I’d like to share. When things are more settled, I will again post at “Songs of the Universal Vagabond” more often…after all, it’s the story of my life.

I have finally expanded my profile at LinkedIn (this is the most updated site currently with a list of projects and publications, as well as some of my work, personal and creative details), as well as various pages on Facebook regarding my fictional character, Katrdeshtr, my Independent Publishing site Flying With Red Haircrow, and as always my review/interview site.

Hopefully, updates will be provided soon, they are rather hit or miss at a few of  my other sites and profiles, such as:
My Review/Interview site:
My Twitter:
My Smashwords:
My Articles at Queer Magazine Online:
My Facebook Fanpage:
All Current Books and Works in Progress:


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