A Surprise Celebration for Pete Wyoming Bender At Rickenbacker’s Inn, Sept. 14th

Before The Show by Red Haircrow
Before The Show by Red Haircrow


Along with most of our usual group of native bros, Kunu, Rob and Zam, as well as Gian Luca Morleni of Three Kings on the Hill, Paul Schwingenschlögl and Jorn, on September 14th, the day after his band’s gig at A-Trane, one of the most famous and well-respected jazz clubs in Europe, Pete Wyoming Bender and the another mix of musicians played at Rickenbacker’s Music Inn. Some of the same songs, but perhaps with a special, secret glee upping the energy, because arranged without Pete’s knowledge, after the first set there would be a surprise everyone could take part in.


Pete is a professional, and he keeps everyone in order with natural ability and long time experience, while still having a good time. Knowing what was planned, I kept my eyes on him as the band members didn’t leave the stage as usual, and with a slightly puzzled look he looked around the room, obviously noticing that as people weren’t rising for toilet breaks or more beer or anything. Instead, there was a flurry of papers being furtively handed around, and the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” rising in the air. Just watch the video, it’s better than words. More photos were taken by and are copyright to me.



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