The Three With No Fear: The 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio

From their website.

Flying in to Tripoli, Libya from a Germany rapidly cooling into autumn, the first message I received from my good friend Zam Johnson, a Native American Indian musician, composer and painter, was: “Hey Red, it’s fucking 34(°C) and I’m cooking in this birka!” So I knew everything was okay!

Zam (drums), along with Ulli Lenz (piano), Kubi Kubach (Bass), the other members of the 105 Lenz-Kubach-Johnson Jazz Trio, became the 1st jazz band to perform in Libya in 40 years, and the 1st international group to appear since the country’s revolution two years ago! Definitely an unforgettable trip for an unforgettable trio.

The trio’s website and Facebook has the latest news and updates.

Other posts/reviews about the 105 on my blog:

At Martinique Bar
At Martinique Bar
At Luisabad Bibliothek

 * * * *


4 October 2013, Kubi and Zam will take the stage again, just hours after flying in, along with Paul Schwingschlögl at the WABE in Berlin, playing with the BABA DANGO GROUP. Musicians:  Baba Ibrahim Dango, Rainer Bachmann, Zam Johnson, Paul Schwingenschlögl, Kubi Kubach, and Matthias Knobloch.

Doors open: 19.00
Begin: 20.00
Tickets: 10/8 €

Kartenbestellung per Mail oder Telefon bis 18.00 Uhr am
Veranstaltungstag! Ihre Bestellung wird aufgenommen,
aber nicht beantwortet. Ihre Karten liegen garantiert am
jeweiligen Veranstaltungstag an der Abendkasse.
+49 30 90295 3850


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