Seeking Participants: Research Study on Native Suicide

Link to survey: Native/Indigenous Experiences on Suicide

As a BSc Psychology holding native graduate student in the Native American Studies M.A. program at MSU Bozeman, as a suicide survivor and parent of a survivor, it is one of my aims to research and expand on ways to help. In this study, I am currently seeking native/indigenous participants who have survived or experienced loss by suicide. If you meet these conditions, you are invited to participate in this IRB approved research study, which consists of 10 multiple choice and ranking questions. It is completely anonymous.


Although one of the smallest demographic groups in the USA and most countries around the world, the indigenous or native peoples have some of the highest rates of suicides, especially among the young. In some native communities suicides and attempts have reached epidemic proportions. There are a number of recognized contributing factors, and colonization history is one, but what can we do right now to help?

The purpose of this study is to better understand contributing factors from the perspective of survivors, friends, family and/or community members in order to help reduce and/or stop suicides. You are welcome to share this offer, and participation is entirely voluntary. All responses are anonymous.