When They Make You Feel It: The 105 Lenz Kubach Johnson Jazz Trio, 12 April 2013 at WABE

When they make you feel it…the music that is…my first analogy would be: it’s like walking on air, or what you’d imagine walking on air would feel like. Or experiencing joy of a sudden because of a sound or thought that makes you smile… As silly as it might sound, sometimes when I sit and […]

“Making Beautiful Music Together”: The 105LenzKubachJohnson Jazz Trio at Martinique Bar

For events like this, it’s always better to get there early, and on March 2nd I was glad I did, for although Martinique Bar at Monumentenstraße 29 in Berlin is housed in a series of interconnected rooms, in the main one: it was virtually and quickly standing room only. With a moderately sized yet loyal […]