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Flying With Red Haircrow Productions is a multimedia consultation company with partner and networking connections around the world. October 31, 2010, Flying began as an independent publisher but widened interest into many types of multimedia, projects and ideas without limit on genre, topic or theme. Native or indigenous voices are especially appreciated, but work and ideas do not have to be related to or include native topics, history, traditions, etc. as we fully appreciate and support creative abilities that extend to other cultures, ideas and ways of being.

Services and work includes native casting, promotions, press, music videos and scheduling for bands, musicians and independent artists. Educational consultation and services relating to Native American cultures, traditions, history and life, especially through film and other media, are also part of our endeavors along with indigenous rights, support and advocacy. We also offer selective indigenous/regional native catering. We are always personally and professionally interested in collaboration with those who share our goals, interests and mission. Please see our websites for further information, and check our Twitter feed or Facebook for the latest updates and news.

We have been privileged to work with publishers, authors, filmmakers, producers and directors, musicians, bands and other artists in a variety of capacities. We look forward to future opportunities across genres and realities, in fiction and real-life.

logoRRRed Haircrow Review is a review, promo and interview site with offers Red’s reviews of books, films and event/venue and selectively posts submitted materials from others. Beginning as an intake editor and reviewer with several other publishers, websites and magazines, having a candid and sincere style that respected creativity but always offered honest perspectives inspired Red to begin his own brand. To date, several hundred writers, authors, poets and artists have been reviewed.







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