Photos: Summer At Scharmützelsee, Germany

All photos made by me at Bad-Saarow-Pieskow and other villages around Scharmützelsee, Germany.

Houses and Mansions

The Lake & Nature

And the series of photo based on one view is below.  I used in the book trailer for “Silence Is Multi-colored In My World,” my tenth book release.

I know some do it anyway, but if you are going to use my photos other places, please link back to me and acknowledge them as being by me. Thanks. Other of my photo entries in Germany:

8 thoughts on “Photos: Summer At Scharmützelsee, Germany

  1. Simply lovely the picture with the boats, it looks like I could just reach out and touch the water. Breathtaking. You need to have an exhibit. Extraordinary.

    1. Thanks, there is something in the air there, which I believe is the higher water content that softens it upon your skin, and which often makes photos appears very vivid. Glads, as always, that you enjoyed them.

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