Poem: Spring Lament

Branches by Red Haircrow
Branches by Red Haircrow

Another year of days has passed,
days now longer and which the sun truly warms,
again branches blossom.

Looking up into their pale glory
I think to ask: has it been so long
since last we walked together
beneath greening trees and through cool grass
still wet with morning dew?

My heart knows the answer and my spirit the pain,
for even the gentle beauty before me brings no pleasure.
The brightest day is still dark without you.

–Written 18 April, 2013 to
Mahler’s Adagietto for Symphony no. 5,
on the journey from Fürstenwalde to Bad Saarow-Pieskow.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Spring Lament

    1. This was written for my son, as we were apart almost three years due to visa issues in the EU and they wouldn’t let him stay.This nearly killed me, and for my son, already struggling, it really made him regress. We’re trying to work back through that now, and it takes an enormous amount of time and patience which I gladly do, but yes, limits my time for others and often myself. We are working for a balance. Again, thank you for commenting. Every time I reread this it brings tears to my eyes because it was such a painful time of separation.

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