Poem: “Bear God Spirit” by Red Haircrow

She was an artist I really loved her works, Susan Seddon Boulet. I wrote this poem, and later I saw something of hers that reminded me of my words, it was named “Playing With the North Wind.” Look up her works, they are absolutely exquisite with a wonderful depth, breadth and beauty that combines Native American “inspired” themes, wildlife and simply marvelous ability and vision.

Playing With the North Wind by Susan Seddon Boulet
Playing With the North Wind by Susan Seddon Boulet

Bear God Spirit

Wise dark gaze,

voice of quiet or roar.

From earth’s beginnings and before,

he rises from sleep,

shaking self, awakening to purpose.

Powerful body, mind

deceptively mellow

roamer, loner

exiting dark den

to walk the forest floor

through dense growth

that parts before him.

Shambling, steps from cliff overhung

with vine to walk among the stars

and through dreams

guiding his children

round dangers seen and


Walk as animal,

stand as man,

remain eternal.


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