Hof Marienhöhe-A Trip into the past (Photos)

Being “green” and the organics herb, produce and medicinal markets are booming around the world. In Germany especially, being a country known for it’s almost religious recycling habits by a majority of the population, eating and living healthy, going back to nature is quite popular.

Hof Marienhöfe by Red Haircrow
Hof Marienhöfe by Red Haircrow

Eating only food grown locally or indigenous to the area as much as possible. Eating the best of the season is believed to be better on the body. Being in tune with land, earth, sky and waters. What you take into your body equating to your spiritual and physical power, happiness and longevity.

The Ivied Cottage by Red Haircrow
The Ivied Cottage by Red Haircrow

Hof Marienhöhe is a unique communal farm only using natural methods of planting and gathering. Even their tending of animals is done the age-old way with only the cleanest and greenest of modern techniques employed.

The Kitchen Garden by Red Haircrow
The Kitchen Garden by Red Haircrow

Based in an small manor with it’s various cottages nearby the main, to visit is like stepping back in time, to a place peopled by those who move to the rhythm of Sun, Earth and Moon.

Apple Groves by Red Haircrow
Apple Grove by Red Haircrow

There is a core family which began the farm but others can volunteer, and as long as you follow the simple guidelines you can live and work there, but they do have a set number of openings based on space available in quarters. There are singles living at Marienhöhe, young and old, families and even teens who might otherwise have no place to go.

No computers, no electronics. You receive no payment but room and board. Meals are taken together each day. You are assigned tasks to complete which fit your abilities and interests.

Blümen by Red Haircrow
Blümen by Red Haircrow

The farm is self sustaining though extra money to feed back into the “village” is gained from a small shop which sells only natural goods, their excellent produce, meats, both cured and fresh, and herbal remedies.

Markt by Red Haircrow
Markt by Red Haircrow

At times of harvest, or anytime for that matter by previous arrangement, you can lend a hand and help with the rich reward of friendly companionship, a meal and memories which will last the rest of your days. The days I spent there will certainly live forever in mine.

Wheat fields by Red Haircrow
Wheat Fields by Red Haircrow

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