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Indigenous Day of Action #DeedsNotWords Justin Trudeau. It is time for DEEDS, Not WORDS, that truly respect Indigenous Rights. First Nations in Canada are waking up to the reality that the Trudeau government has a big smiley face for a front man, but when it comes to business, nothing has changed. This government approved the Site […]

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The Songs We Sing–Or Don’t Sing

My latest article at K.I.N. Knowledge in Indigenous Networks.


K.I.N. Knowledge in Indigenous Networks

One of my favorite uncle’s favorite song was “Coming to America”, from one of his favorite singers, Neil Diamond. This uncle passed at an age younger than I am now from undiagnosed lung cancer that developed during his time as a construction worker ripping out asbestos from old buildings with no protection; work solicited for many minorities.

This uncle had been a favorite (and still is), not just because he was less than ten years older than my elder sister and I, but he was a truly fun. He loved to watch movies, a trait shared with his siblings, the eldest of whom fondly remembered being taken to the cinema by their alcoholic, but also often charming father who abandoned them soon after their mother died following complication after the birth of the youngest. He was quick to smiles and laughter, rarely got angry, was a hard worker loved by many, many…

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Tell A Yarn

K.I.N. Knowledge in Indigenous Networks


Photo credit: Noritta Morseu-Diop

The word yarn or yarning has taken on a whole new meaning since returning from Australia this week.

I’ve spent the last few weeks surrounded by story-tellers telling a yarn. I’ve listened to men stand and speak in their native tongue of Te Reo Māori to address New Zealand Government. I’ve experienced extraordinary, strong and daring women stand-up and bear their souls to a room full of strangers through yarning. And travelled across the Tasman to Brisbane, Australia to be with First Nations elders, leaders and youth to share my yarn on “Building movements, not empires”.

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Blood quantum: the Colonial tool of racial superiority and economic dependency Native communities can’t let go of — K.I.N. Knowledge in Indigenous Networks

Defining, measuring and labeling indigenous groups is an intensely political and debated process. On one hand Native peoples are glamorised, objectified , sexualised , romanticised and endlessly imitated. On the other we are victimised, or vilified, as impoverished, imprisoned, addicted, pagan, fatherless, overweight + diabetic, dependent, complainers who go to college for free (period. No […]

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CALL TO ACTION! Standing Rock Sioux Nation Issues Call #NoDAPL!

call to action

CALL TO ACTION: Actually do something to help protect and honor native peoples, lives, cultures and belief to take away for oneself. A call to action has been issued, the spirit horses brought. Oyate, lila ohitika. This is happening right now, it has to happen because there is no respect for native lifeways and rights. Please view the video at the link above. Read more at their website Camp of the Sacred Stones.

If you are not aware, the Dakota Access Pipeline was planned and the US government and corporation are again violating treaties. They are tunneling through native lands, they are desecrating sacred lands and burial grounds. These pipelines carrying crude oil ALWAYS fail, and this time if constructed the Missouri River would be polluted. Native defenders and allies are protesting with their bodies, peacefully blocking and are being arrested despite the right to protest.

All native nations, allies and friends are asked to come help the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to defend the water and land. Like myself I cannot be there because of distance, but I can feel this power and strength, the determination to resist. I can’t be there right now but they’re asking for donations to take care of all visitors who come, even bedding, camping supplies, food, and first aid supplies.




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‪#‎NoDAPL‬ ‪#‎NoDakotaAccessPipeline‬ ‪#‎RezpectOurWater‬ ‪#‎NoDakotaAccess‬ ‪#‎LoveWaterNotOil‬ ‪#‎HonorTheTreaties‬