Not only the pins fell: Bowling (Photos)

It was amazing I could bowl at all by the time we reached the venue, which was really unique I thought but not untypical for Berlin: the bowling alley was actually two levels down beneath a large shopping complex, very extensive, sharp and beautiful with a full menu, bar and game room.

Coca-Cola is everywhere by Red Haircrow

The reason why I didn’t think I could bowl was, as my son and I crossed Alexanderplatz and passed the Weltzeituhr am Alexanderplatz , hurrying through the crowds I completely forgot the two or three shallow steps you must step down and fell flat on my face. That it was very cold and blowing freezing rain and snow didn’t help either.

So by the time I arrived at the bowling alley I was rather sore with bloody knees and palms but a beer or two help drive at the pain and rally my good cheer and we were with good friends so that helped immeasurably.

Bowling view by Red Haircrow
Bowling view by Red Haircrow
Bowling view two by Red Haircrow
No score but happy by Red Haircrow