Pouring A Proper Pint: Beer Love

The shape of the glass can make a difference. If you’re like me, you like a mug or glass of beer which retain its ebullience after being poured. The inherent rich yet mellow effervescence which foams in your mouth a precious moment before subsiding and, depending on the brew, the flavour of it hits you. […]

The One and Only Party

It started out intended only for my classmates and professor, but in the spirit of “warum nicht”, that propensity for basically say, “Yes, why not?” to everything and everyone, the birthday party I planned for my 33rd birthday rather got out of hand. My classmates would have been considered a unique group of people in […]

Mounted Shooting: Bad Fall, Good Memories

Who thought shooting targets from horseback was fun? Well, they were right. In a manner of speaking. A friend, a horse lover and keeper had requested the pleasure of my company for a ride. It was weekly arrangement, though sometimes we rode together more often. She had three horses and her husband didn’t ride. She […]

Spring in Berlin

Memories 2003/2004 Berlin, Germany: “Watery golden sunlight, the staccato clack of Herr Zug awaken me, struggling up through vivid dreams already late with the rising of the sun, I pull on clothes willy-nilly. Racing down the corridor, through the station, barely making the train I need, I catch my breath only to have it taken […]

The People: The Power of the Pow-wow (Photos)

There’s always a sense of anticipation for me but also one of coming home. Of having been elsewhere and existing, but this is the real world: a Pow-wow, wherever it happens to be. I feel a sense of purpose and relief seeing so many of the People together. I see the faces of my relatives […]