Book Trailer for “Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World”

The video description of a biography written in memoir style of a courageous young deaf man, the compilations of notes, journal entries and essays, as well as my observations of a person I felt the personification of beautiful. Of the ability to create light from darkness, joy from pain. For more details, description and an […]

The Eclectic Crazy Life I’d Missed

The current seminar group that was guesting in the house, a yoga group who had booked part of the house for a special week for sessions of laughing, screaming and dancing/singing (among other things), was leaving on the morrow. They’d spent the day at points all around the lake, as their special focus was water […]

“What Might Have Been”–Reading Old Love Letters

Ah, the wistful memories of youth. As troubled as mine was before my “zero hour” came, there were times of joy, moments of precious, private pleasure. Almost at my fourth decade now, even when I look back knowing what eventually came of those hopeless infatuations, the unrequited loves and painful crushes, it is so very […]

Mounted Shooting: Bad Fall, Good Memories

Who thought shooting targets from horseback was fun? Well, they were right. In a manner of speaking. A friend, a horse lover and keeper had requested the pleasure of my company for a ride. It was weekly arrangement, though sometimes we rode together more often. She had three horses and her husband didn’t ride. She […]