rhRed Haircrow is an award-winning writer, educator, psychologist and filmmaker of Native (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) and African American heritage who holds a Master’s in Native American Studies, a BSc in Psychology and counsels selectively. Their research focuses include Native/Indigenous and BiPOC inter-generational historic trauma, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, GLBTIIQ needs and suicide prevention. These (and more) are personal and professional interests based on family and life growing up primarily in Alabama and Tennessee, USA. Current projects include a RPG educational adventure video game, continuing research on stigma and prejudice relating to psychological disorders and conditions, such as ASD, and the short documentary, ALMOST.

Member of NAISAAPAApache N’De Nation International Envoy Germany, 2017-2019 Secretary for the Native Research Network & 2019-2020 Society of American Indian/Alaskan Native Psychologists Mentorship Committee Liaison, Red remains active in Native American and intercultural education on culture, history, and current events on both sides of the Atlantic. Currently based in Berlin, Germany, through their multimedia consultation company, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions, Red explores and pursues opportunities for collaboration in education, film, art, music and more.