Pouring A Proper Pint: Beer Love

The Measure by Red Haircrow
The Measure by Red Haircrow

The shape of the glass can make a difference. If you’re like me, you like a mug or glass of beer which retain its ebullience after being poured. The inherent rich yet mellow effervescence which foams in your mouth a precious moment before subsiding and, depending on the brew, the flavour of it hits you. Sometimes its burning, sometimes slightly sweet, golden like summer wheat. Sometimes it’s all those things combined, and if it’s poured correctly, into a willing form which understands its needs, the beer will hold its strength and not have it uselessly frittered away so that it’s flat and to me, undrinkable.

If you have the right glass, one which is smaller at the base than almost near its rim by a certain degree, more or less, before curving back, just enough to keep the bubbles from fully escaping, that’s a perfect glass. You don’t want one which is smaller on the bottom, then without grace immediately opens to its rim where all the foamy goodness is lost. Well, not unless you plan to down that brew as quickly as possible. I prefer to savor mine now, most especially when I’m with dear and good friends….or someone who might becoming more interesting as the night passes.

With a mug, it’s more about the pouring method, which incidentally also must be done with glasses: they have to be tilted just right so that the beer isn’t spilling freely to crash into the bottom, release all its energy and raise a deep foam at the top. Pouring a glass is like good sex, you can’t go too fast if you want full satisfaction. If you go too quick, yeah, it will “get it done”, but no true lingering of appreciation, and certainly no beginning or growth of love. Even if you step outside the realm of the primarily physical, and step over into my own speciality: cooking. Whether you’re making a meatloaf, or roast chicken, or a common pot roast, being patient will provide you with the most tasty and satisfying results. Even if you’re coming in at a different angle, such as with prime rib or duck, starting off at a high temperature and fierce heat (apply sexual imagery if you wish), after a ferocious, initial outpouring, slowing down will make the pleasure last….in your glass.

By the way, the photo is one I made in Berlin one fine summer evening at a restaurant on the square at Charlottenburgplatz. It’s called “A Measure”, perhaps relating to the phrase “a measure of a man (or woman)”, and it’s traditional. You have 12 glasses of beer, 6 weiß, 6 dunkel, and you could share them around, but it was just my friend and I. You must drink them all :-) We did. That was the beginning to our evening which flowed through the night and well into morning. I confess I don’t remember how I got home.

Other places they pour a good brew? Another entry of mine– The Shannon: Memories from an Irish Pub.

6 thoughts on “Pouring A Proper Pint: Beer Love

  1. I love a good beer, I have found I like the British ruby beers best. Most flavour. I think I dislike Dutch beer the most… it’s no wonder they sometimes call it piss ;)
    Though I never had those black beers… they kind of scare me :P

    1. I don’t care for Dutch beer either, for the most part, even if some brands are popular. I think the next worse I had a few Ukrainian brews. The strongest I had for a 16% Belgian beer, half way through one bottle, I said, “Wow!”

      There’s a place in Berlin called “Das Haus der 100 Biere”, they have more than that I’m sure, all kinds. Some friends and I went through several countries dubious offerings. With the dark beers…ah I have to be careful. I don’t care for sweet beer at all, and some are thus…or like Guinness, which I don’t like either.

      1. My dad sometimes makes his own beers, best ones I had was apple or apple and pear ones… They were awesome but kinda strong… might have had something to do with the champagne yeast in them :P But he makes great beers. It’s not cider, but sort of inbetween. I hope he has some again when I get home in about a month :P I’m not a lightweight luckilly, I can easily handle 3 pints in one go (used to outdrink the guys in the pub :P ) which is fun :P

        Maybe I should go to that place to try some sometime :) Take my boyfriend with me and just try. Or the whole family… We all love good beers… (okay, maybe not all…)

        My fav beers are Hertog Jan (yes a Dutch beer, but it is quite good, my dad thinks it’s too sweet) and Hob Goblin (British Ruby beer, which my dad thinks is too bitter :P )

      2. I know someone who would say Newcastle Brown is the best English beer. I am rather easy, as long as it’s not too sweet especially. Maybe the temperature factor can make a difference as well. I had a really good Finnish beer but I can’t remember the name now.

        The beer mixes…ah those I can’t stomach. I was out with a friend and she likes the beer mixed with orange Fanta. I couldn’t control my face after I tasted it LOL

      3. they’re not beer mixes, at least not in the purest of the word. They are made like regular beer but part of the grains in it are replaced by apples, though not all. My dad likes to experiment with stuff like that.

      4. There is a pumpkin beer they do in the USA that uses the method you speak of. I don’t know how that would go over as I don’t care for pumpkin anyway, but I imagine the tartness of some kinds of apple would be a pleasant twist.

        Ah yes, I understood. Just mentioned some different kind.

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