Understanding Prejudice.org: Test Your Native I.Q.- A Quiz You All Need to Take

indiansA test everyone needs to take, think about and act upon. Visit UnderstandingPrejudice.org and take the short quiz of 10 questions.

“Psychologists sometimes speak of native (inborn) intelligence, but this test is something quite different: a chance for you to test how much you know about Native American history and contemporary life.

Why are the Washington Redskins, Jeep Cherokee, and Red Man Chewing Tobacco popular names when the Washington Brownskins, Jeep Chicano, and Black Man chewing tobacco would be considered offensive? Why is the Cleveland Indians baseball logo, Chief Wahoo, acceptable when other racial caricatures, such as Little Black Sambo and the Frito Bandito, are not?

The answer, in part, is that anti-Indian prejudice does not receive as much attention as do other forms of racism.”

Item 1

The Holocaust of WW2 was not only one of the most tragic events of the 20th century, but of modern history in general. Close to six million Jews (nearly 2/3’s of all European Jews) and many other people perished.

By comparision, how many Indians of the Americas died within a century of Christopher Columbus’ arrival?

  1. Nearly 5 million, roughly half of the existing population.
  2. Nearly 10 million, roughly half of the existing population.
  3. Nearly 10 million, roughly 95% of the existing population.
  4. Nearly 100 million, roughly 95% of the existing population.

Answer? NUMBER 4, nearly 100 million!

I’ll be covering the IDLE NO MORE event in Berlin, Germany on 13 January 2013: tomorrow, not as a participant as many of us reject and will not support non-natives drumming or dancing, when support should/could be shown in another way. I am not alone in my feelings regarding this important matter and movement. My previous posting on that issue: https://redhaircrow.com/2013/01/02/idle-no-more-in-germany/.