“A Star Trek Convention For Native Enthusiasts…” My Article at Indian Country Today

Hobbyists by Red Haircrow
Hobbyists by Red Haircrow

Published on 24 February at Indian Country Today Media Network, it’s based on observations from myself and my son when visiting the “native inspired” event called the “Winter Pow-wow 2014” that took place in Berlin, Germany just over a week earlier.

As usual, there are hobbyists who take offense to any critique of their activities, and others, like the activities themselves, who are sincere in their questioning and finger-pointing without seeming to have the ability to truly understand that however well meant, it is still considered misappropriation and disliked by many natives to have their cultures playacted (they aren’t native, so what else is it but pretending?). That’s just a fact.

They, like myself, may not dislike the hobbyists personally. You might even like some of them (I know a number, and do), but it doesn’t take away the fact they are copying another culture for their own reasons, desires, pursuits, etc. Whatever you want to call it, just be honest. I am a long time scholar of German history spanning centuries, do you see me dressing up in lederhosen, traditional regional or period German clothing pretending to German? No, and you never will. I honor my heritage, and I respect their culture and history too by not pretending to be one of them even if it’s just for a day. I don’t know why they can’t get the concept.

As instructed I wrote what I saw around me and how I was treated. I wrote it solely from my perspective, again, as I was required. Until someone “walked a mile in my moccasins”, to coin a phrase, then they have no right to question. Another quote, this time it’s Shakespeare, “Thou doth protest too much!” Culpability. Feeling of guilt with a need to justify themselves. The reactions tell the tale.

Plus articles have editors. Editors who edit. They edit out some information that might be more explanatory. Don’t you just love readers who like to attack you? Grain of salt.

Check out the article: “A Star Trek Convention for Native Enthusiasts: Inside a German Pow Wow.”

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