11 November 2021

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Academic Work  and Google Scholar

  • Ice Engineering Principles Comparison: Native American Historical Trauma (2016)
  • There Should be No Native Mascot Discussion (2017)
  • The Relevance and Necessity of Indigenous Knowledge (2017)
  • Research Report-Effects of Ethnicity-Related Experiences on Native or Indigenous People (2018)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Natives: Cultural Competency & Support (2019 Professional paper, forthcoming)

Indian Country Today Media Network Articles

The accurate articles I wrote about the Karl May Museum’s Eurocentric position originally published at ICTMN were later “retired” when one scalp was returned, yet the problem with KMM’s misrepresentation, appropriation and the combination of fictional materials with semi-accurate information persists. At this time, ICTMN continues to archive only the single article that “an agreement was reached”. Please view the announcement by KMM’s curator Robin Leipold where they state THEY WILL NOT RETURN ALL REMAINS.