My Latest at Red Rising Magazine: A #Navajo Metal #Thrash Band in #Denmark? YUP!

I DONT KONFORM in Denmark (From their Facebook fanpage)

As a long time fan of heavy, hard and all kinds of metal, first I was thrilled to find I DONT KONFORM  on Facebook then doubly they were headed to Germany then onward to Denmark to record their first album this summer. A contract can always be great, but especially when it’s with the legendary producer of Metallica, Flemming Rasmussen of Sweet Silence Studios. I reached out to IDK offering to show them around if they happened to come to Berlin. That wasn’t the case this time around but they were willing to give me an interview from their location in studio in Denmark.

idk2“Sure, our music has native characteristics sometimes, but we (as natives) don’t just play powwow drums and flutes, war songs. We show natives can do more than smoke a peace pipe. We’re progressive, live in houses, have jobs, have wi-fi. We feel this can be positive for everybody, our doing our thing.”

The interview was funny, full emotion and deep insights as well on reservation life, politics and partying. After paying their dues for years, the guys were also in a kind of wonder at the tremendous opportunity, eagerly enthusiastic about creating the best debut album ever dropping this fall. Read the full article at Red Rising Magazine, a newly relaunched website showcasing indigenous writing from indigenous writers.


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