Background On Our #Documentary Directors (us!) & The Last Official Week of our #Crowdfunding Campaign

Around three years ago, I first heard through a mutual acquaintance, that a German guy named Timo Kiesel was interested in doing a film project about Native stereotypes. While not skeptical, though knowing nothing about him (and the mutual friend wouldn’t have passed the message along if he was sketchy), Timo’s motivation and aim was my concern. Understanding the issues? Honesty? Trustworthiness?

Since I’ve been in Germany, my work is out there such as in ICTMN or my website, and I’d been contacted before by German studios or individuals seeking “authenticity” for their productions, but almost all of which turned out to be deliberately ignorant because they rejected historical accuracy (even in documentaries) in favor of stereotypical Indians and stories that were “fun for German audiences” but misrepresentative or are outright offensive in content. One example? In 2013, “The White Comanche” (very loosely interpreted to tabloid level) documentary (originally titled “The White Squaw”, I’m dead serious), I was asked to be a consultant under contract.

Very enthusiastically, the representative assured me the writers and producers wanted to be accurate, such as having natives play natives, and I began working for those aims. Yet as the days passed, the contract never came, the script and story became more eccentric and misrepresentative of known facts, and the rep finally admitted they had been contacted by hobbyists or clubs which acts as “Indians” willing to work and provide equipment and a setting just to be in the production. I was never paid for the work I’d done, they still owe me, and the production itself ended up being horrendously demeaning to the Comanche people. I’m looking at you Bilderfest.

So, I was deeply wary of anyone seeking me out for consulting on a documentary anymore. I told our mutual friend to have Timo contact me directly, no intermediaries, but due to schedules or whatever, I didn’t hear from him again for nearly a year. During the time, working as I still did in a small local restaurant to support myself, doing supplementary workshops on native themes, going to university full-time and as a single parent of a special needs teen, I had little time anyway. Through 2014, separately, we continued our research, gathering experiences and observations, even filming material for the eventual product. I continued writing on the themes, and expanding my knowledge, contacts and awareness through native organizations, communities, relatives and friends, and Timo did the same in his own networks and contacts throughout Europe, while working as a trainer and consultant at the anti-racism organization, glokal e.V.

In February 2015, we met for the first time and had a productive conversation. The proverbial wheels were set in motion, plans were laid and built upon, yet as ever, life had unexpected twists and turns. Continue reading


My Interview in #DerFreitag March 23rd-On Our #Documentary, Native #Stereotypes & Eurocentric History

In Der Freitag’s print edition, on our upcoming documentary Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany, historical context and how the USA’s deliberate “alternative facts” or Eurocentric fabrication of history contributes to continuing racism, colonialism and oppression of Native Americans. Stereotypes are a symptom of the overall disease. Interview and article by Matthias Dell.

Our crowdfunding campaign is in its last days, please help us reach our goal and bring this important project to a wider audience, in its best possible form! At IndieGoGo.

My Latest at Red Rising Magazine: A #Navajo Metal #Thrash Band in #Denmark? YUP!


I DONT KONFORM in Denmark (From their Facebook fanpage)

As a long time fan of heavy, hard and all kinds of metal, first I was thrilled to find I DONT KONFORM  on Facebook then doubly they were headed to Germany then onward to Denmark to record their first album this summer. A contract can always be great, but especially when it’s with the legendary producer of Metallica, Flemming Rasmussen of Sweet Silence Studios. I reached out to IDK offering to show them around if they happened to come to Berlin. That wasn’t the case this time around but they were willing to give me an interview from their location in studio in Denmark.

idk2“Sure, our music has native characteristics sometimes, but we (as natives) don’t just play powwow drums and flutes, war songs. We show natives can do more than smoke a peace pipe. We’re progressive, live in houses, have jobs, have wi-fi. We feel this can be positive for everybody, our doing our thing.”

The interview was funny, full emotion and deep insights as well on reservation life, politics and partying. After paying their dues for years, the guys were also in a kind of wonder at the tremendous opportunity, eagerly enthusiastic about creating the best debut album ever dropping this fall. Read the full article at Red Rising Magazine, a newly relaunched website showcasing indigenous writing from indigenous writers.

Author Interview & Book Spotlight: Red Haircrow at The “Books and Tales” Blog

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You can “read about me” on my site here, naturally, but as is your interest (or involving the various interviews about me that can be followed by link here or elsewhere) please take the time to visit Annette Gisby’s blog “Books and Tales” and read an interview and post about my latest release, “The Agony of Joy”  that was posted 10 April 2013.

The inclusion is greatly appreciated, especially in that they have a range of genres on their site that I was glad mine fit into. Please visit their site to see the full interview, as well as the many other articles, interviews and features they have. Books and Tales:


Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?

I usually begin writing on a story in some way before I do a detailed outline on how I would like it to progress. Also, sometimes, depending on the type of work it is: very deep, complex or quite personal to me, I will meditate and think about it for a long time. That can often take months or even years, but when I do begin to write it down, it all flows out at once.

Do your characters ever want to take over the story?

In my fiction work, they are allowed to, because it is their story after all. Sometimes what I plan and what I want to take place doesn’t work for what they need to express, so I let them change it, as it were.


Author Interviews & More on Flying With Red Haircrow

As well as being an indie publishing brand, Flying With Red Haircrow also has a review site, which accepts author interviews, press releases, and other types of promo & advertising. We also do music and event reviews for local individuals, restaurants, bands, etc. The genres and authors list is quite extensive since it opened 31 October 2010.

Latest author interviews:




At Flying With Red Haircrow,  I respect the courage it takes to allow someone to read your dreams and imaginings because in many ways it can reflect your ideals and inner self, some aspects that might not ordinarily be presented to the world.

At this site, I am a reader and reviewer of books. In many ways I understand the creative process because I am a writer myself, but like anyone else I have my likes and dislikes. I would never promise a positive review of everything I read, but I will always be fair because I do realize the words you write are personal. Just the same, I will never be derogatory or use wording  that disrespects the author and the enormous time and effort they may have put into their work.

I place my personal background on my About Me page, so the writer can make an informed decision on whether to submit a review request, though the best place to view is my website/blog for some topics that interest me, Songs of the Universal Vagabond. It is strongly suggested authors seeking reviews at least briefly view those pages.

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