And Still #IndigenousRising, of course! Post #PresidentialElection 2016

dsc_2436Consider it your wake-up call.

The Presidential Election was all a power game for them. Nothing changed for us, whoever’s doing whatever in what is now again the WHITE whitehouse. Will keep doing the work we’ve been doing for centuries healing, surviving, resisting, learning, decolonizing my mind and everything I can touch wherever I may be.

In some ways, this a true wakeup call for those who believe “we can change it, just gotta vote!”. I never downed them but I felt conflicted because I knew it was going to end in disappointment for them. Didn’t want to burst the bubble, so to speak. I read about those saying they’d move to Canada, which I could understand also, but right now I’m in Germany so my son can get the medical care he needs. And despite my trying to help I’ve been mocked about not being at Standing Rock, “You’re not even here!” when I voice my support or my positive feelings about #indigenousrising.
Some days it is beyond agony just to NOT be there, on the soil of my people, still searching for the things my ancestors had stolen from them, reconnecting and touching and not caring whoever is doing whatever wherever as I make something of myself of which I hope my ancestors could be proud and not betray their sacrifices. Their rejoicing and reveling in white supremacy and power is nothing new, but it is still going to die it big death, which why my mom says all these white people buying up guns, building bunkers because they know they eff’ed up, while we just keep trying to live life.
They think they’ve won. LOL They haven’t, not at all or at best its a temporary victory. This wake-up call should light a bigger fire that you have to solve your problems yourself, and THEY are part of the problem. Eff that noise. Batten down those hatches. We’re going in. This just makes me more determined. I am not afraid of them.
I don’t want to see anyone hurt, and sure I worry because my immediate family are vulnerable especially: my sis on disability for serious med status, my parents are older retirees, my one nephew is 24, 6’5, 300lbs of brown but with a jolly heart. This is the time we really must come together and not let the BS division and fear overwhelm. That only serves them.
The sun is shining after days of grey in Berlin. “Don’t let the sun step over you.”-Apache saying. Get up and get to work!