Photos: Frozen Scharmützelsee, Germany: Winter 2012

Some of my Winter #photos from frozen Scharmützelsee in #Germany. Memorable yes, walking almost a mile across the lake, but also the SOUNDS the ice made particularly in morning and evening at temperatures changed.

Red Haircrow

Tracks by Red Haircrow

As we walked over the frozen lake, our steps making a special sound that  prompted my friend to share with a smile: “This is the sound of my childhood.” And snow does have different sounds as you walk upon it. In the three days I was in Bad Saarow-Pieskow I could tell the difference. In Berlin, I dislike walk ing on snow in Berlin, in places, with the grittiness of the city, it squeaks beneath your step. In BS-P I discovered three unique ones I found pleasant.

After snow had fallen the day before and frozen overnight, as I walked I heard and felt a solid crunch then grind, nearly a growl underfoot. By evening, upon untouched snow far in the middle of the lake, there was only a pop when breaking the surface, and it was so powdery, soft beneath it was silent. Through the forest, with all the…

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