Photos: Frozen Scharmützelsee, Germany: Winter 2012

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As we walked over the frozen lake, our steps making a special sound that  prompted my friend to share with a smile: “This is the sound of my childhood.” And snow does have different sounds as you walk upon it. In the three days I was in Bad Saarow-Pieskow I…

Holding A Piece of Spring In Your Hand (Photos)

To some degree it happens every year: Scharmützelsee freezes. It’s a large lake about an hour or so from Berlin. All water freezes at a certain temperature, little lakes and ponds of all sorts, but when you have larger bodies of water that can be a more amazing thing to view. Last year, if you’ll […]

Photos: Lakeside at Scharmützelsee, Germany -“The Last of the Ice”

With warmer temperature currently being experienced, only in the single digits and rain intermittently washing away the snow, Scharmützelsee is slowly returning to its totally liquid state, but I was fortunate to arrive the day before the weather changed. I was lucky to be able to take more photos of the ice, before it changed. […]