Photos: Frozen Scharmützelsee, Germany: Winter 2012

Originally posted on Red Haircrow:
As we walked over the frozen lake, our steps making a special sound that  prompted my friend to share with a smile: “This is the sound of my childhood.” And snow does have different sounds as you walk upon it. In the three days I was in Bad Saarow-Pieskow I…

Refocus, Redirection and Return: Scharmützelsee June 2014

My son hadn’t been to Bad Saarow in two and a half years, but remembers good times there and a matchless freedom that only true simplicity can create. It is a place of  peace for us and of mutual respect. A place where there is time to listen and speak and discuss as the moment […]

Through the Countryside & Around the Lake “With” Robert Burns

Scharmützelsee. If you’ve read or viewed this blog for a while or just a short time, you’ll probably know its my regular haunt, my beloved location and a relaxing place of fascination for me. It’s a moderately sized lake in Land Brandenburg about an hour from Berlin and usually I make a lot of photos […]