Poem: Spring Lament

Another year of days has passed, days now longer and which the sun truly warms, again branches blossom. Looking up into their pale glory I think to ask: has it been so long since last we walked together beneath greening trees and through cool grass still wet with morning dew? My heart knows the answer […]

A Sweat Lodge At The Lake & A Stroll in Diensdorf

It was a last minute thing when I got the call this past Wednesday. My friend at the lakehouse was having a sweat lodge that had been planned for several weeks but when the leader had to bow out at the last moment, she turned to me to try to find a replacement or either […]

Through the Countryside & Around the Lake “With” Robert Burns

Scharmützelsee. If you’ve read or viewed this blog for a while or just a short time, you’ll probably know its my regular haunt, my beloved location and a relaxing place of fascination for me. It’s a moderately sized lake in Land Brandenburg about an hour from Berlin and usually I make a lot of photos […]