Current Native American Related Projects


No Native Mascots – Keep Racism Out of Wembley

Helping raise awareness of the inherent racist and disrespect of native mascots, in particular the Washington American football team who is scheduled to play on October 30, 2016 inLondon UK.

Research Study on Native American Suicide/Causal Factors

Although one of the smallest demographic groups in the USA and most countries around the world, the indigenous or native peoples have some of the highest rates of suicides, especially among the young. In a number of native communities, often small and materially impoverished, numbers have reached epidemic proportions. There are many contributing factors, but the basis for all returns to the invasion/colonization and continued oppression by European/Eurocentric entities. Historic context is always critical, but how can we help stem the flowing tide of hopelessness and death? As a MSU graduate student, counselor and parent, it is one of my aims to help find and expand on ways to help the People.

Project with Timo Kiesel (

Addressing and educating about Native American mascot usage and stereotyping in Germany, which has been conclusively been shown to harm natives, especially children.The objectification, romanticization and stereotyping of Native Americans, the deep misinformation about US and native history and current reality.

Stop Misuse of Native American Spirituality & Ceremony

In cooperation with Native American Association of Germany (NAAoG) and other native and non-native allies raising awareness, educating on the subject of cultural appropriation with aims to end the rampant misuse of native ceremonies for profit.

Description: “In the search for meaning and direction in life outside of their own cultural background, the appropriation of Native American beliefs or spirituality, traditions and life-ways has been steadily growing in recent years. Without regard for or knowledge of the impact upon native cultures, especially in historic context.

This is an educational project to facilitate understanding between natives and non-natives about hobbyist activities in Europe, and the impact participation with them can have on further cultural appropriation. Instead, there are respectful, appropriate ways to participate with and learn about native cultures and peoples.”

Repatriation of Humans Remains

Many museums in Germany (such as the Karl May Museum), collectors and others have native/indigenous human remains in violation of international mandates, supporting objectification of marginalized populations. Again, in part, this stems from the objectification, romanticization and stereotyping of Native Americans, especially in considering natives relevant primarily in past tense.

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