Photos of a SE Native American Regalia “Shake’Em Out”

Some natives in the southeast and more easterly USA these days call the clothing they wear to pow-wows and other function “regalia”. My friend Lakota Rosebud Lady, a Brulé, says they just call them clothes or by their names like jingle dress, ribbon shirt or something like that, if applicable. We thought that was funny […]

Understanding Test Your Native I.Q.- A Quiz You All Need to Take

A test everyone needs to take, think about and act upon. Visit and take the short quiz of 10 questions. “Psychologists sometimes speak of native (inborn) intelligence, but this test is something quite different: a chance for you to test how much you know about Native American history and contemporary life. Why are the […]

“F— Assimilation”: Keeping it Real as Native Americans

Here it’s not exactly often, but it’s definite when it happens, but if someone mentions Native Americans, you’ll have someone who moans and shakes their head saying something like, “I’ve seen how they live, it’s horrible. Drugs. Alcoholism. Just awful.” Wasn’t very different in the USA. I correct such people when I can, attempting to […]

“You’re All the Same!” American Indians From A European Perspective (Photos)

American Indians have long been romanticized or vilified in Europe and other places, even North America for that matter. Many wrong ideas, stereotypes and long-held assumptions continue to persist even in this day and age, and generalizations and flat out ignorance exist about indigenous peoples from the blatant level to the subtle. Much of it […]

What’s a “Real” Native American? Sometimes you just have to laugh…

The answer would depend on who you ask, and whether you wished a technical/genetic/geographic reply or one based on personal knowledge, belief or history. Sometimes they coincide, sometimes they do not. Sometimes it’s just a feeling or so I’ve been told, and I’ve not disagreed with those who feel they are native in spirit, but […]