Photos of a SE Native American Regalia “Shake’Em Out”

Some natives in the southeast and more easterly USA these days call the clothing they wear to pow-wows and other function “regalia”. My friend Lakota Rosebud Lady, a Brulé, says they just call them clothes or by their names like jingle dress, ribbon shirt or something like that, if applicable. We thought that was funny […]

“If I could live one moment this is it!” Indie Ink Challenge

This entry is a response to my challenge from another writer, which takes place weekly in the Indie Ink Challenge.   “The dance is the voice of your people, and on your steps, your movements, your attention to traditional forms you are the emissary of everyone watching you. The personal fierceness you give to your […]

The One and Only Party

It started out intended only for my classmates and professor, but in the spirit of “warum nicht”, that propensity for basically say, “Yes, why not?” to everything and everyone, the birthday party I planned for my 33rd birthday rather got out of hand. My classmates would have been considered a unique group of people in […]

Writing is a Grass Dance. Welcome to my pow-wow

I am not an anomaly. Well, I am kind of an anomaly, but in regards to writing, no, not really. I am a mood writer. When the passion, the spirit hits me and all the stories in my head, and the characters need to be released so everyone can see them and know they are […]