2013 in One Word? Unbelievable!

Not unbelievable in the sense of the word many people might quickly assume, “incredible” in a positive way or simply “surprising”, but one of the literal meanings: ” so great or extreme as to be difficult to believe; extraordinary.” My 2013 was extraordinary in the extremes of life and living that occurred, but perhaps not […]

The Discrimination Persists: Gay Fiction Pubs, Promos & Reviews

My entry for the YAM 2012 LGBT Blogathon Event. To read more about it, please visit their website. As it reflects my own life and experiences, my writing, both fiction and non-fiction, often naturally have gay, bisexual or trans/intergender characters and situations.  But what might be a misnomer to some: they often contain comparatively little […]

“If I could live one moment this is it!” Indie Ink Challenge

This entry is a response to my challenge from another writer, which takes place weekly in the Indie Ink Challenge.   “The dance is the voice of your people, and on your steps, your movements, your attention to traditional forms you are the emissary of everyone watching you. The personal fierceness you give to your […]