Review by Valentina Heart of “The Angel of Berlin”

Reviewed by author Valentina Heart at The Romance Reviews, “The Angel of Berlin” again received comments I especially found satisfying in that it a special mix of magic, reality and every day living, and a short story based entirely on a dream I experienced. Upon awakening from such a vivid and detailed experience, I immediately went to my computer and recorded it all.

Valentina said:

“I never would have thought that such a short story about one stranger rescuing the life of another could win me over so completely. The plot is simple enough, yet it was written so beautifully that it felt as if I’ve never read anything even remotely similar to it…”

Description: “When Robin, a young university student, saves the life of a beautiful youth, he finds he’s made a devoted friend. But without memory and voice, the newly named Angel is a mystery, occasionally exasperating with his child-like qualities yet with touches of darkness that make Robin wonder what kind of being he’s really taken in.” A speculative fantasy of magical realism and innocent love set in modern Berlin.

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Published May 22nd 2011 by Flying With Red Haircrow
ISBN13: 9781452441665
Primary language: English
Setting: Berlin, Germany
Available at, .de and .uk, Smashwords and several other online distributors.