The Other “F” Word

 Would you want someone to call you a fag? Your son, your mate? “Bum a fag”, means an entirely different thing in the UK than elsewhere, to be sure, because there the term “fag” is slang for cigarette.  But the most commonly known reference for the word, especially in the USA, is used to derogatorily […]

Book Trailer: “The Agony of Joy” by Red Haircrow

Longer than many book trailers, at its current length of 5:34, it is more of a video description than a quick piece but representative of the type of novel “The Agony of Joy” is: of serious themes dealing with child sexual abuse, family rejection due to sexuality, anxiety and depression disorders and prescription drug over […]

The Story of a Bullied Gay Teen: “They Said I Was Weak”

“One day when my dad said he wanted to play me a song I hadn’t heard in a long time, that I used to like so well, I was excited, wondering what it would be. But as soon as I heard the first notes, it was like someone punched me in the stomach. Tears filled […]

The Kind of Irony I Enjoy: “Owning Canadians” & Homosexuality

You may have read the debates, you may have heard the rationalizations by people on both sides of the issues, whether Gay and Christian, or Christian against, or Jewish or any other religion that teaches tolerance. The funny thing to me is, the ones that teach different kinds of intolerance, without exception all have other […]

New Release: Katrdeshtr’s Redemption

Katrdeshtr’s Redemption, the first in the series, The Night Cat, was a vampire tale I wrote over ten years ago in the traditional way: typewriter, manuscript, etc. which I inadvertently lost between intercontinental moves. Recently rediscovered, I converted it to the modern age and electronic file, and now it’s available on Smashwords. I didn’t feel […]