Boys Getting Ahead From STARbooks Press!

Convenience Store Romance by Red Haircrow, that’s me.

“Beautiful, directionless young Darren was a casualty waiting to happen. Rob, his strong-minded co-worker, welcomes the opportunity to show him all he knows. In the end, they discover each has many things to teach the other about life and love.”

A semi-autobiographic short story (guess which character I was!) I completed in early 2009 and finally had the courage to submit. By a process I don’t remember, I chose StarBooks Press to submit my little piece to.

Within 24 hours the editor, Mickey Erlach wrote me back asking for the full story, and the very next day, he said, “WE WANT IT!”

How surprised and delighted I was! And completely shocked by the speed of the turnaround.

Please visit STARBOOKS PRESS website to order this tasty book, and I must admit the cover pic is HOT! Am so pleased with it.

ALSO AVAILABLE NOW BY PRE-ORDER AT AMAZON.COM “Boys Getting Ahead” edited by Mickey Erlach!

Boys Getting Ahead cover
Boys Getting Ahead cover