Book Trailer for The Angel of Berlin & Explanation of A Modern Fairy-Tale

As told in previous posts prior to its release, The Angel of Berlin, is a story I wrote based entirely on a dream. I have the curse/blessing of often dreaming in vivid detail, extended version, where I can even awake, get up, walk around with memory and then go back to sleep and continue the same dream. No, it is not related to any drug contribution. It’s something that has run in my family as interpreters and healers.

Description: “When young Robin, a university student, saves the life of a beautiful youth, he finds he’s made a devoted friend. But without memory or voice, the newly named Angel is a mystery. Occasionally exasperating with his child-like qualities, he still has touches of darkness that make Robin wonder what kind of being he’s really taken in.”

The Angel of Berlin is speculative fantasy, as things happen within it that cannot be explained by science. It is magical realism because magic happens in a “real world”, the world you or I might live in and recognize. It is set in Berlin, so it is very much in a place I know (which of course represented itself in my dream). It is very like a fairy-tale, for it’s innocent overall with just a few touches of darkness that end up serving to enhance the pure light of the character Angel and his friend Robin.

In fairy-tales, all things don’t need to be known nor shown as explanation. If that is what a reader is expecting? Look into another genre specifically, or if you cannot adjust your view or appreciate different ways of writing or being? As one reviewer said and many appreciative readers have expressed regarding my writing: “you never know what to expect.”  I write all kinds of stories, fiction and non-fiction; surreal or real, unexpected, crazy, or utterly realistic having sprung directly from my experiences or memories. Serious and grim, light-hearted and gently comical, painfully emotional or academically analytical: those are all things and more I can deal with or am capable of, depending on the dream or inspiration or determination I make and wish to present because those are the range of things and more that my life has thus far been comprised of.

I do not write to be liked. I do not write for money or sales.  I do not write to gain respect nor lobby in any genre for the same reason, as I recently wrote of on a post at the group at Indie Book Collective on  I write because I have stories in me to tell that I feel with every fiber of my being because they are my being. They come from my heart, soul and mind, creations that are unconscious such as The Angel of Berlin, and those like The Agony of Joy, which was conscious, coming directly from my personal experiences.

Like much of my work, I’ve always have included a complete screenplay and film version in my mind when writing it. With Angel, I knew as soon as I heard this song that I wanted it to be the opening song of a film I would do of it: as the bicycler Robin rode through the streets on his way to work, and as “Angel” walked through the park watching all the people, marveling at the new place in which he found himself.

In Berlin, being a huge city for film premieres, filming, university courses regarding and the like, its  not surprising to see productions taking place wherever you might be. At one place I lived at Rosenheimerstr. a set production was taking place around the corner filming a story that took place during WW2. All through the day you could hear (and feel) bombing explosions.

At Friedrichstr. just outside the bahnhof, it was all closed off one night, a beautiful night, as they filmed a scene. Or you have movie videos filming professionally someplace, or amateur students doing there thing. I saw three students with a vaccum cleaner, a camera and mic filming…something…on the steps of the Berliner Dom as one actor attempted copulation with the sucking device usually used for carpets. Yea, it can be eclectic and crazy like that here but back on point: I knew immediately after my dream and typing it up, how I wished the film version of The Angel of Berlin to proceed. Maybe one day it can happen, but for now…here’s the video description. The music is “Wild Is The Wind” sung by Nina Simone. Like my writing and reading, my range of music favorites greatly varies.

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