#Documentary Film Updates, About 2017 & What’s upcoming for 2018

After all were exposed to Agent Orange, my father and 2 of his brothers all got cancer. He’s a 15yr cancer survivor, his next closest in age died 2yrs ago, and the last is in late stage and has decided no more chemo. Since my son has inherited contact both paternal and maternal, we’re trying to schedule testing to confirm, yet he already has some conditions researched as linked to the toxin. 2017 was a hospital year for him again. The struggles go on, but you keep going as long as you can though, thankful for what you do have.

I’m taking a semester off, January through May for several reasons, and to finish up the documentary Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes. Check out the updates to the English language website, and view the German one.  You can see the trailer here, which was an official selection for the Avanca Film Festival in 2017.  The premiere is scheduled for February 11th at the Delphi Theater in Berlin (more details soon). Other updates of my speaking schedule of 2017 can be found under the “Bibliography” and other tabs above.

Then to spend time with family in the USA I’ve not been able to see for 7yrs because life is tough and most of the work I do is for non-profits (literally), but uncle is bringing us home for a couple of weeks at the beginning of 2018. So the point is, these are reasons I’ve posted far less and far less personally that I used to in the past. I simply haven’t had extra time or energy to do so, especially with response from some Native sources about the film and about myself, but I just give one of my quotes in response: “I welcome questions. I hate assumptions.”

Anyway, I hope your longest day of 2017 was good. I spent solstice deep in thought, info processing and self truths, which will continue through the new year. Keep keeping at it everyone, always do the right thing. Research before you make judgement, be willing to examine yourself and your motivations. Be willing to change, to keep learning.