Warming up again with “The Organ Grinder” – #Creative #Nonfiction #Filmmaking

The first cobbling of audio for a creative #nonfiction short film I’m working on, The Organ Grinder. A series of impressions and expressions of the early days of the first hard lockdown here in Berlin, from March through April 2020. Not exactly a Covid19 story in the conventional sense, but definitely so in another.

As usual with my work, fiction or non-fiction, it rather naturally combines perspectives and themes venturing into psychology and sociology, and in this case: our connection/disconnection from each other, nature, past, present and future. It’s a very small “warm-up” to get back on track to complete “ALMOST“, my documentary project on stigma, prejudice and the intersection of reality, identity and Indigeneity.

Introduction: “One of the hardest things about living in a city is the constant noise, especially if you grew up in smaller towns or places. Noise pollution is a modern problem science studies, how it affects not only humans, their health, physical and mental, but also that of animals, plants, trees.

In city building and expansion, as even more people now and in the future will be forced to live in cities, good planning often includes ways to dampen or lessen excessive noise and to make quiet areas.

Many people don’t think twice about it anymore. Constant connection to some device, music, movies, games is becoming “normal”. Always something playing in the background. We’re constantly bombarded by motorcycle buzz, leaf blowers, buses, cars, and planes.

Quiet. Quietness. Quietude is a rare commodity these days, inside or out.


One of the things I noticed during the first, hard Covid19 lockdown beginning here in #Berlin in March and through April 2020, was waking up to near total quiet.”

BTW #Berlinale starts today and runs through the 20th. Diversity & Inclusion Initiates through the 17th. I’ll be there.