Interview With Red Haircrow at Top2Bottom Reviews

A guest post “Sailing Into Summer“, a 3 winner giveway and the full interview with me, followed by an excerpt of my upcoming release “The Angel of Berlin” are available at Top2Bottom Reviews. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be with us today, Red. Will you begin by […]

Interview of Red Haircrow at Bibrary Booklust

Bibrary Booklust A blog for book lovers with open minds and open hearts: dedicated to the power of creativity, the wonder of originality, the delight of curiosity, the beauty of diversity, and the joy of imagination. “The Bibrary is dedicated to reviewing LGBT themed literature (with a definite empasis on the ‘T’), imaginative fiction (fantasy, […]

Love: “Variations on a Theme”

Sometimes a poem always comes to me. One which has been a favorite since I first read it thirty years ago. A poem which always reminded me of myself even before I understand what it fully might mean, and after I’ve have frenetic times of passion, violence and love. The Lady of Shallott by Lord […]

New release: “The House of Doom, Dreams & Desire”

Description: “John Jones believed himself the most proper and enlightened of gay men. Professional, well read and boyishly handsome despite his age, he also believed himself open-minded, tolerant and devoid of vice. Yet in the end he cannot resist the temptation of the latest tech gadget called, “The House”, a computer generated environment where one […]

New Release: Katrdeshtr’s Redemption

Katrdeshtr’s Redemption, the first in the series, The Night Cat, was a vampire tale I wrote over ten years ago in the traditional way: typewriter, manuscript, etc. which I inadvertently lost between intercontinental moves. Recently rediscovered, I converted it to the modern age and electronic file, and now it’s available on Smashwords. I didn’t feel […]