4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up by Sara Elizabeth

      The quirkiness of this brief set of experiences displayed as memory “vignettes” had a straightforward delivery that made me smile even though my heart contracted with bittersweet emotion when I sensed what would inevitably happen between the two main characters. As the author’s character fell in love, I fell in love. As […]

Review of “The Beast of Caledonia” by Kate Poole

Review: I found “Beast of Caledonia” to be well-written and paced with an overall balance a far notch above some other historical romance books I’ve read. Though I was concerned when I read in the introduction that research on ancient Rome had consisted of reading Colleen McCullough and watching HBO, descriptions and general information about […]

Review: “Fever Dream” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Before I’d read any book by the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child writing team, I’d seen the film “The Relic”. It was pretty good, if a bit fantastical for a prehistoric type creature to stampede a museum in that way. I didn’t think anything else about, nor did I buy the DVD or try to […]