In The House of Bacchus by Rodd Reduxxx

People looking for niché genre writing: horror eroticism and extreme sexually graphic detail would be enthralled by this story I believe. Reading the author’s word that this was a political parody and I am well aware of, from earlier professional reasons, of what can go on in the world of some of the leaders and […]

4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up by Sara Elizabeth

      The quirkiness of this brief set of experiences displayed as memory “vignettes” had a straightforward delivery that made me smile even though my heart contracted with bittersweet emotion when I sensed what would inevitably happen between the two main characters. As the author’s character fell in love, I fell in love. As […]

Review of “The Beast of Caledonia” by Kate Poole

Review: I found “Beast of Caledonia” to be well-written and paced with an overall balance a far notch above some other historical romance books I’ve read. Though I was concerned when I read in the introduction that research on ancient Rome had consisted of reading Colleen McCullough and watching HBO, descriptions and general information about […]