New Release “Boys Getting Ahead” now available at!

Now available for general sale at, “Boys Getting Ahead”, a gay erotica anthology from StarBooks Press, edited by Mickey Erlach. My short story, “Convenience Store Romance”, is included.


“Beautiful, directionless young Darren was a casualty waiting to happen. Rob, his strong-minded co-worker, welcomes the opportunity to show him all he knows. In the end, they discover each has many things to teach the other about life and love.”

Shipping from the UK, it’s easier and less expensive to buy your copy directly from Amazon, or from a distributer on their .com site, but it appears sellers other than Amazon are all shipped from the UK.

Boys Getting Ahead cover
Boys Getting Ahead cover

Boys Getting Ahead from Starbooks PressYes, I must say again: “THIS COVER IS SO SEXY!”

From StarBooks Press

website, where you can also order it directly:

” STARbooks Press is proud to release the latest in the series of Mickey Erlach anthologies that carries on the tradition of STARbooks Press founder, John Patrick, with Boys Getting Ahead – erotic stories of hot young men climbing the corporate ladder.

Everyone has heard of the casting couch, but did you know it stretches far beyond Hollywood? Many a stud has used his “talents” to get ahead, whether in an office, a loading dock, a store, or especially in politics. After all, to get ahead in life, you sometimes have to take it like a man – or give as good as you get! Some boys will do what it takes as often as necessary to grab the brass ring or at least wear it. There are no limits to what some of these guys will do. If the boss wants it rough, that’s cool. If the boss wants romance, that’s perfectly acceptable. And, if the boss wants to throw you to the curb and treat you like a whore, that’s the chance you take when you use your body to get ahead.

Who said achieving success was going to be easy?

Boys Getting Ahead features the erotic writings of David Holly, Derrick Della Giorgia, Jay Starre, John Stewart, Landon Dixon, Logan Zachary, Mark Apoapsis, Michael Roberts, R.W. Clinger, Red Haircrow, Rob Rosen, Stephen Osborne, and Wayne Mansfield, just to name a few.

Do you have what it takes to get ahead? Or, do you want to know what it will take to get ahead? These stories will help you achieve success the hottest way possible!

ISBN 13: 978-1-934187-66-1
275 pages”