New release: “The House of Doom, Dreams & Desire”

Description: “John Jones believed himself the most proper and enlightened of gay men. Professional, well read and boyishly handsome despite his age, he also believed himself open-minded, tolerant and devoid of vice. Yet in the end he cannot resist the temptation of the latest tech gadget called, “The House”, a computer generated environment where one […]

Herr Zug and “Night Shift”

Like every story I’ve ever written there is a strong aspect of myself in “Night Shift”. A situation I experienced, and even more specifically, someone whom I’ve met, who became a character. In this case it was Derrik Lehmann. It was my first time in Berlin, I was riding the S-bahn having pulled out of […]

New Release “Boys Getting Ahead” now available at!

Now available for general sale at, “Boys Getting Ahead”, a gay erotica anthology from StarBooks Press, edited by Mickey Erlach. My short story, “Convenience Store Romance”, is included. Blurb: “Beautiful, directionless young Darren was a casualty waiting to happen. Rob, his strong-minded co-worker, welcomes the opportunity to show him all he knows. In the […]

Review for “As Meat Loves Salt” by Maria McCann

“On the morning we dragged the pond for Patience White, I bent so far down trying to see beneath the surface that my own face peered up at me, twisting and frowning.” The intro sentence: immediately you are drawn into the world of Jacob Cullen, a darkly charismatic former servant turned soldier whose sincere cravings […]