Review: Mate Hunger by Marisa Chenery, Book 2 in Ra’s Chosen Series

Although I had not read the first book in Marisa Chenery’s “Ra’s Chosen” series, it was not difficult to understand the unique words and phrases used to describe certain activities by the warriors because explanations were smoothly inserted. Easing into the tale was simple and I had high hopes after reading the first dozen or so pages.

I love fantasy and the story of the Chosen of Ra protecting mortals from the undead was an exciting premise, and the details and explanations of how they came into existence I particularly enjoyed. Interweaving a modern urban setting with the legends and myths of the ancient Egyptian gods kept me going because the author’s knowledge was presented to me in an understandable and thoughtful way.

I very much liked Marisa Chenery’s vivid imagery and descriptions of Egyptian beliefs. They were very professionally done and presented with a classic feel I greatly appreciated.  I felt it was a great story and plot, but I would have liked it without the level of profanity used but I realize people have different ways of speaking and expression. It took a while for the pace of the prose to build up speed before I was fully introduced to the conflict which raised the intensity of the plot and drove the story forward at a more satisfying clip. I was relieved to have something to fasten my “teeth” into and really get into the action.

The emotional relationship between Set and Desireé, the main characters, showed obvious attraction so I wanted to learn about their feelings towards each other besides their sexual interludes. The end results of their “rocky road to romance” was expected and I felt the author could be satisfied they brought the full circle of their attraction to a close while still leaving an opening for a new character’s story to be begin in the next installment.

Book Description: Book two in the Ra’s Chosen series.

Set is a warrior chosen by the sun god Ra to protect mortals from the undead who hunt them. That is what he knows. Unfortunately, having watched his leader, a fellow warrior, succumb to a destined mate, Set also knows he will someday suffer the same fate. Set doesn’t need nor want a mate. He’s just fine on his own, thank you very much. But when a spitfire of a woman is thrust into his life, whose sole mission seems to be to knee him in the groin and escape every chance she gets, he’s intrigued. A lot.

Desiree may have lusted after Set from afar for months, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go willingly with the behemoth of a man spouting a whole bunch of garbage about immortality, an ancient Egyptian god and her destiny as his mate. No doubt he’s two bricks short of a load. But when they touch, passion like she’s never known consumes her. Perhaps he’s not so crazy after all…

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