Staying Positive: Words of Encouragement For All

Staying positive.

Lake Rebirth by Red Haircrow
Lake Rebirth by Red Haircrow

Negativity hurts, no matter where it comes from. Even if you have a perfectly good reason to be negative, even if your negativity is someone or something else’s “fault” it still is negativity and it still has the power to cut you down.

Staying positive means not only keeping yourself positive, but also avoiding the negativity that the world can often heap upon you. That takes effort. It is all too easy to get caught up in someone else’s negativity. It’s all too easy to think that it’s OK to experience negativity as long as it doesn’t originate with you.

Always keep in mind that any negativity is destructive, regardless of where it originates. Make every effort to turn it around. There is an abundance of energy in negativity. Find a way to re-channel that energy in a more positive direction. You can indeed do it.

There’s no need to be naive. Bad things happen, and they often happen beyond your control. But you don’t have to let them take over your positive outlook. See them for what they are and commit yourself in bringing out the positive in them.

There are plenty of excuses for being negative. And those excuses will add nothing to your life. Be positive, in spite of the reasons against it. That will bring significant value and power to your efforts.

–Author unknown

One of my professors sent me this message today, quite randomly, but so very, very timely. He couldn’t have known how badly I needed it today. We all need it, as we all have things which assail us that feel overwhelming at times. Just a word of encouragement for anyone who needs it.

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