Poem: There Are No Words by Red Haircrow

There Are No Words

There are no words I could
bring to my lips
nor thoughts to my mind
bring which speak so

of how when giving
your head onto my shoulder,
lifting your face up
for my kiss,
such causes my heart to sing.

In the darkness laying
in your gentle arms,
chest to bare chest pressed,
no words are needed, none,
no battles need be fought,
no war of word or nation won.

Matters only this sweet cocoon
in which we lie intertwined,
close hip, toes and fingers,
while the sweet heat between us drowsily
from our lovemaking lingers.

And you kiss me again,
just once, then sigh.
We simply are and will be,
no questions of how or why.

–6 May 2006

This poem along with others on this site will be included in my poetry collection CORE, as well as being published in Assaracus Magazine, from Sibling Rivalry Press in 2013.

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