My Short: “We, The Dead” at Danse Macabre 59: Noctturno, An Online Literary Magazine

This was an honest surprise, as I’d forgotten I’d submitted a short story to this online magazine specializing in speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, the odd and strange, to receive an email that my work had been published in Adam Henry Carrière’s latest issue.

This was a situation I’d never encountered before, a point A to point Z type deal, no correspondence in between or the opportunity to do that last check of editing, clarity….Well, I hope you get the idea, and hope you enjoy the story.

“We, The Dead” like my stories, The Angel of Berlin and The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire, is entirely based on a vivid dream I experienced. This one was about a girl seeking to find her place in “the between” shared with others who had also met their deaths.

The Danse Macabre: Cinquantanovi website is beautifully interactive with a complimentary, classical soundtrack, and art that is both intriguing and occasionally horrifying. Illustrations by Mehrdad Zaeri.

Notturno, our latest issue avec un nouveau visage und heimat, is presently up and out … and YOU are part of the danse!
There are many nights’ reading delight this issue, truly a coloratura triumph. We unveil fabulous fictions from Canada’s Peter Baltensberger, New Zealand’s Benjamin Blake, DM stalwarts Ed Coonce & J.C. Frampton, our first Native-American (Chiricahua Apache / Cherokee) contributor Red Haircrow, Louisiana author Jason Phillip Reeser, and author / screenwriter James Robison (‘The Illustrator’, New Orleans Mon Amour).

We also feature a starry night’s sky worth of poets from Australia and New Zealand ~ Michelle Gaddes, Joe Massingham, Vaughan Rapatahana, and DM’s lady in Paekakariki, Mercedes Webb-Pullman ~ as well as Sarah E. Alderman, Luke N. Molar, Paul Rogov, and returning champion Lyn Lifshin.
And no DM would be complete without voices from beyond the grave; to wit, four new translations of Maîtres français Arthur Rimbaud & Paul Veraline from Dustin Junkert and Australia’s John Christian Stevens.”
Please view their website, and enjoy the many other works of poetry and fiction from authors around the world. “We, the Dead” is available as a free read, along with the other stories in this edition.