Big River Cree “The Old Way”

Sometimes when I’m here…here in Germany that is, which I might prefer for a variety of reasons regarding living and working conditions, even and understandably so, there is nothing that compares with being “at home” as far as the People are concerned: music, sounds, voices, etc.

Various tribes of the Americas have come together at gatherings as the seasons change throughout our history. In modern times, it is no different, and do not mistake or separate natives who might have degrees or jobs, professions and directions of life that are not exclusively based on what you might think of as being ” really native” from our other brothers and sisters.

Even though many of us also do have jobs or professions that are not solely based on Native American music, song, art or something creative in that way, we feel and live in our culture every day because it is a part of us. There is no separation from what is our culture from what we do anyway, day to day, just walking around.

You may have seen my posting of Northern Cree’s recorded song/video “Smilin”, and they are superb. Some non-natives can be annoyed by or do not understand the voices and sounds, but when I hear that? To me that’s pure joy. My heart answers, and something…every single time I hear it or remember, is assuaged in me. It lifts me up. It reconnects me.

Well, my playlists at my YouTube channel includes many tribes, including those of my own heritage, but this one I found online a few weeks ago. Big River Cree: “The Old Way.” It moves me also.