#Stereotypes are the Underpinning Elements of Racism, Terrorism & Intolerance-No Matter What You Think

Image shared via Moets Ormsby, regarding the terrorist act committed March 2019 in New Zealand.

But #Stereotypes are harmless? A large part of the rise of white terrorism is the complete failure of European and western societies like the USA, Germany, New Zealand etc. to teach the accurate history of their colonial brutality, horrific violence, theft, exploitation and erasure of these acts. Using “education” and the media to reconstruct a glorious, false image of themselves and their endeavors, their values and beings.

In these fabrications, “others” have been reduced to stereotypes, to primitives, to clowns and/or villains, to peoples who should be thankful for the civilization and benefits the created “white culture” brought to them. The created “white culture” I refer to is one that first eradicated the indigenous and original peoples and beliefs in Europe, forcefully misusing beliefs of Christ as their method. They especially violently subjugated, murdered and/or misused women and non-hetero individuals. An elite group of peers, monarchy and politicians abused and violated the poorer white males, exacerbating natural desires to have a place of their own, a comfortable life and family, into spirits of evil avariciousness that would do anything to have power, wealth and land. Then they sent them out to invade, kill, rape, and displace around the world. After which they self-exonerated by rewriting history in their favor.

After 500+ years of colonial violence, it is finally coming back into balance slowly, but with the strategic erasure of accurate history and heroizing of criminal behavior of the “white” males who made themselves majority, returning balance looks like oppression to them. They are terrified and angry that they will be erased by the return of POC and the rightfully returning power of women, especially indigenous women. “White” males are the minority now, and they can’t handle it because they fear that what they did to all these others, will now be done to them. So they preemptively rekindle their murderous, jealous natures and try to justify it…or they are using their blood-soaked wealth to search for new planets and places to explore in space.

This same wetiko spirit manifests in multiple ways.

This past Wednesday, I participated as a panelist in the discussion dBs Dialogues #2 // Can you copyright culture? There will always be at least one white male who asks and tries to defend the idea that there was at least SOME good from colonization, with a side of “we’re all one people now.” To which, of course, I replied, NO!

That is the perpetrator or beneficiary of perpetrators trying to mitigate or reason on the unforgivable. It is the person who believes themselves educated, but only read books for the paid scribes of criminals. It is the rapist expecting their victim to forgive them. It is the rapist trying to excuse their crime by saying, “Well, the woman has a beautiful child from it. She might be thankful for that.” When she cannot still forget or forgive (nor should be expected to) not only the violence of the act(s), but the mentality that tries to excuse it. You don’t get to tell or expect/demand the victims or survivors that they should “get over it” or how.

So, on one end of the spectrum we have the mostly white male terrorists who commit such acts (the right), but on this same scale (the left) we have the same demographic who instead try to erase or downplay monumental crimes against humanity, while still benefiting from those crimes. Those who think and may use their white privilege to exploit, manipulate or minimize/trivialize and claim “everyone does it. we’re all doing it and have done it.”

NO, that’s another lie that been spread by the very ones who did the violence in the first place but wrote themselves as heroes. They continue the cycle of genocide instead of working to end it for the betterment of all, including themselves. So they are part of the problem, too. Silence is agreement. Apathy or “color-blindness” only serves the violence and erases the reality genocide, colonialism and patriarchal white terrorism is ongoing.

NOTE: Pakeha=is a Maori term for non-Maori, in this case white Europeans.