“Can you #copyright #culture?” Article & Video from dBs Studios #Berlin

From the event March 13, in the on-going series of discussions, dBs Dialogues in Berlin, at the dBs Film & Music School. Can you copyright culture?  5 Things We learned:

  1. You can love in the wrong way
  2. We should watch our privilege
  3. The digital age is blurring cultural lines
  4. Diversity is essential to understanding
  5. Change is a personal choice

From the article: “Red Haircrow’s thought-provoking documentary Forget Winnitou! explores the question of what a world that respects indigenous peoples would look like; a world working actively to end racism, colonialism and oppression. The film’s tag line, “loving in the wrong way” is telling. “It’s that love is there,” he told us, referring to the appropriation of Native cultures by the West, “but they’re doing it in the wrong way, in a harmful way.”

Winnitou is the American Indian character created by German author Karl May in the 19th century. To this day, stereotypes of Native Americans continue to be romanticised in German popular culture. “For a lot of the different Native or indigenous people that I speak with,” Red Haircrow continued, “it’s not so much that you don’t want other people to be a part of it or learn about it, it’s that you want them to know more about it, but on your own terms.”

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