At – “J.K. Rowling und die #Trans *Community: Wo ist das Problem?” What’s the Problem? #Transphobia

“J.K. Rowling und die Trans*Community: Wo ist das Problem?” (In Deutsch).

Recently, at on #transphobia & #TERFS, from Kristina Kielblock, a friend who was also a participant in my documentary film, It mentions my essay on “two spirit” people, which is also on

“The same mentality that ignores #Indigenous rights to self-representation are often those who also stereotypes and gaslight GLBTIIQ people, women, the disabled or economically challenged, especially BIPOC just for desiring change and equality. It is basically saying, “My gratification is more important than your dignity, your rights or even your life.” This is a main facet of rape culture. It is intersecting oppression.”

When someone’s personal opinion plus structural and societal power is used to gaslight, harm, increase discrimination, violence and even death of other people? That’s the problem. And yes, whyte women who choose to emulate the worst of their male counterparts can absolutely be supporting systems of abuse, just as they supported their colleagues in enslaving African peoples, in villainizing and eradicating Indigenous people, in exploiting Asian lands and peoples, in finding and “liquidating” Jews and other “undesirables” in Nazi Europe. Often while crying they are the most discriminated against. #OppressionOlympics.