A New Year 2023


These are our little homies who help keep us grounded and focused. I usually give a summary of the previous year or something similar, but not this time nor ever again I think because these are a few words for 2023 or any time:

Take care of yourselves in ways that feels safe for you. Take care of others in ways they need and feel appropriate, but which also respects your boundaries and needs. It’s all possible.

Don’t let this world or anyone make you starve, emotionally or spiritually. They will not win, whoever “They” are for you. Don’t let them keep controlling you, because we all deserve freedom from abuse, from stereotypes, from willful ignorance.

There are many who love you or would love you. Yet the fears, the paranoia and insecurities from trauma too often keep us from reaching out in genuine ways and find or expand healthier connections.

Let’s keep healing together.

One of my quotes I remind myself of whenever needed or I forget: “Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”