A New Year 2023

These are our little homies who help keep us grounded and focused. I usually give a summary of the previous year or something similar, but not this time nor ever again I think because these are a few words for 2023 or any time: Take care of yourselves in ways that feels safe for you. […]

Encouraging, Supporting Positive Change Parts 1&2 PLUS Life Updates at a Native with African American Heritage

Almost Trailer Extra scene with Manuel Part 1 (Written 3 weeks ago) In 2003, I returned to Germany after over almost three decades away. In the years since, I developed a very bittersweet view of Germany, by actually living and working outside of the sectors, places and professions where “foreigners” are more commonly seen or […]

Helping Others in Literary Pursuits

  I’m a mood writer. You might have read that before.  I usually create a full-fleshed and “real” story in my mind, from start to finish, and then when the mood strikes me, I’ll type it all up. It’s all self-contained in the first entry, except for the requisite revisions, etc.  Sometimes, I’ll have a […]